AIGA design quotes / Experimental Lettering

I was invited by AIGA (The professional association for design) to create 5 design quotes for their blog "Eye on Design" as part of their Quoted series. For every week, they invite a different designer to choose 5 quotes around creativity and design culture and create a series of artworks.

Quotes by M.C. Escher, Ellen Lupton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Louis Sullivan and Jane Jacobs.

36daysoftype #02 / Experiments

My contribution for the second edition of #36daysoftype, a self-initiated project developed together with Nina Sans, that aims to create a space for creation around typography and its endless graphic possibilities, inviting designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give ​their particular view on the signs from our alphabet.

Rotula Display / Type design

Rotula Display is a new constructed typeface, based on a visible module system. Available in three weights, Regular, FILL and CUT.

As it's names stands, this experimental font is designed for display purposes, so it's better if used in big sizes.

Available at www.ultratypes.com

Yorokobu magazine / Cover contest 2015

Proposal for Yorokobu cover contest 2015. Selected as one of the 10 finalist from over 700 artworks in the contest to design the cover for the February issue for the spanish magazine.

The contest is a partnership between Yorokobu and Volkswagen called Hazlo Tú, consisting in a free interpretation of the magazine and the brand in the front and the back cover.

36 Days of Type Project / Contribution

36days is a project I launched on Instagram this year with Nina Sans, inviting designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give ​their personal view on the signs from our alphabet.

36 days of restless creativity, in which participants were challenged to design a letter or number each day until completing a full alphabet with numbers, resulting in an overall view about the ability to represent the same sign from many different perspectives.

This is my daily contribution to the first edition. If you wanna now more about the project and from other contributors, please check our website and follow our networks to get more updates about the project and forthcoming editions.

Facebook page

Full Mile / Logo design

Full Mile is a blog journaling experiences and stories about
the sports of triathlon, providing a list of race reports that span
cycling, running and ultra running. the brand logo was based
on hand drawn strokes, with an aggressive style demanded
by the client's brief, to highlight the concepts of endurance
and hardness that define this kind of racing.

I was commissioned to create the brand logo and explore
the possibilities of expanding the identity to more corporate
materials, such as business cards, website mockups
and apparel.

Trippeo / Identity and Icon Desin

Trippeo is a business oriented App that helps people
keep track of their business travel expenses and easily
automate and organise them for a quick report and refund.
The current project is a new direction of the Sillk project
where I did a set of custom icons, which ended up with
the name Trippeo. Art direction was done in collaboration
with Adarsh Pallian, the company CEO.

Iconic Barcelona / Icon design

Set of icons initiated as a studio project with ESIETE
for La Mallorquina, representing some of the most
iconic buildings and places in Barcelona.

The actual set was optimised from the project versions
and some icons were added. Some of them were used
for product packaging on their flagship store in
the city's airport.

Simply Girls / 2014 Calendar

Collaboration with Simplyprorsum, the creative directors of Simply The Mag.
They invited me to carry the design and art direction of a brand new publication,
a "girl calendar" for the upcoming 2014. ​

The project includes a bespoke typeface under development, Esquela.

Ultra Tees / T-shirt Design

New Ultra Types t-shirts for 2014. Based on type illustrations with the letters UT,
on high quality screen printed tees, designed by our contributors Baimu, LuisB,
Rafa Goicoechea, Stereoplastica and Wete.

Available as S, M, L and XL sizes for 25€ + shipment (2 weeks maximum).

Buy Them at www.ultratypes.com

Brands ®epúlica / Logo & Letterings

Collaboration for Small, a young agency from Alicante, Spain.
I was commissioned to create a logo and 5 letterings for a shoe concept store.

The logo and letterings where used for the store POS displays and promo pieces.

Sifonn / Type design

Sifonn is a display typeface inspired in the Art Deco geometric forms consisting in 3 weights. The pro version contaings more than 900 glyphs, with an extensive set of ligatures and alternate characters accessible via OpenType. Basic and Outline styles come with the default character set and are available for free using Pay with a Tweet.

Download here

Rolling Habits / Brush Logo

Hand lettering for Madrid based photographer
and street artist Rolling Habits, a friend who's work
has been recently featured in various street art blogs
and publications, consisting in bombing the streets with
stickers and large pasteups from his personal photos.

More of his work at rollinghabits.tumblr.com

Mana UT Endemic / Type design

Mana typeface new style, along with an update
reaching the 300 glyphs, with small caps,
numbers aligned to lowercase, complete symbols
and language support.

Download links:

Ultra Types
Hype for type

Check out regular style here

Numerografía #35 / Yorokobu Mag

Collaboration for Yorokobu Magazine December Issue
I was commissioned to design a set of numbers for the
Numerografía section where each month a designer
is selected to design a custom set of numbers

Mana Font UT #35 / Ultra Types

Previously designed for a live visual for the mexican band Mana,
the present update comes with a new lowercase, small caps, two sets of numbers,
and basic symbols and diacritics along with some hidden alternate characters.

The main source of inspiration came from the name of the band,
understood in some cultures as the matter which magic is made of.

Work featured in Computer Arts Collection Vol. 2 Part 2 Typography Issue,
as part of a typographic trend report curated by Franklin Till creative consultancy.
View blog entry

Available on Ultra Types.

Hágase la Letra / Exhibition Poster

Image for the exhibition "Hágase la Letra",
a collective showcase from students of
Advanced Typography MA at Eina school in Barcelona.

The image for the event was created by Enrique Presa
from Yododesign and the flyer was supervised and edited
by Clasebcn Studio to match the school new identity.

Self Promo Poster / Visual Resume

Promotional poster printed on a folded A3
containing a resume and a selection of images
from some of my projects.

Modula Mono / Type Design

Display Font based on simple modules, created
on illustrator and optimized in Fontlab for optical
and metrics adjustment

Available on
Ultra Types
Ten Dollar Fonts

Gentle Mag / Layout Design

Identity, concept and layout for magazine.
Done on an editorial design workshop
while attending Eina's Advanced Typography MA.

All photo taken with no commercial purposes.

Marina Font / Type design

Final project for the Master in Advanced Typography on EINA,
a roman typeface still under revision process, designed specially
for books and editorial use, based on oldstyle and transitional
typefaces. Images from the font first version of the specimen
set in Marina Regular and Marina Bold.

Trescientas Mil Razones / Promo

Trescientas razones para crecer.
Trescientas razones para creer.
Trescientas razones para buscar,
Trescientas razones para enamorarte.
Trescientas mil razones.

5 Minute Type Posters

Typographic quotes made posters

Carnet Jove Andorra / Pack 2012

Art direction, design, print production, and campaign
for the discount pack for the European Youth Card Association.
Andorra Edition 2012

Penrose Masks / Personal project

Roger Penrose is an english mathematical physicist, best known for popularising the Penrose triangle in the 1950s, one of the most famous impossible objects.

I got inspired by one of his drawings from his theory of the asymetrical tillings, and explored creating patterns by using a pentagon made up of triangles like the on used by penrose in different combination of colours and rotations, that ended up creating this set of masks.